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Responsible Travel, Fez Travel and you

Since 1997 Fez Travel has been delighted to bring Turkey & Greece to life for our customers. We have recently extended our range of destinations to the Balkans, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Israel, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Uzbekistan!

The spirit and passion for travel that drove our early success lives on today and is reflected in everything we do. For us, travel is more than just a holiday – we believe that it deepens our tolerance and understanding of historical, cultural and social issues. This is reflected in our itineraries which strive to provide more authentic experiences to our guests, and in the approach of our tour guides when they are on the road.

Responsible Travel Policy

Policy Aims

We aim to show our travellers the heart of the countries we run tours through. For our travelers to walk away feeling as though they have had an experience, rather than simply ticked off a list of places to see. We have a local operations team in each destination - we speak the language, we know the customs, the culture and the laws, and our experience and network of local offices guarantees travellers will get the most out of their time.

From our tour guides, to our bus drivers and operations staff, we believe a good team is fundamental to an efficient and successful operation. We employ a mix of seasoned travellers and local professionals to give us the broadest possible knowledge and skill base, and we invest in continuously developing our people. The success of Fez Travel is a direct result of the loyalty and dedication that our personnel have demonstrated over the years.


Responsible travel is critical to our continued existence as a tour operator. Suffice it to say, we wouldn't be here after more than 25 years if we hadn't been conscious of it. We’re aware that tourism leads to water overuse and contributes to environmental pollution.

A thriving tourism industry is dependent on the natural environment, the prosperity of the community and people. In Turkey where we do most of our tours, the local people get by with the income generated by tourism.

We’re also aware that even a single traveller or one of our staff as an individual may play an important role in making a positive impact on the environment.

Therefore we support and work with third parties such as boutique hotels that recycle as much as they can and reduce unnecessary waste by giving away used items when they need to renovate for the new season instead of throwing them away. We believe that it is the responsibility of travel agencies to protect the natural and economic environments in most visited areas.

Although cutting down on energy, electricity or water is not as possible for the hospitality industry as it is at home, we still believe that it should be our priority to go green in order to be able to make a positive difference on environmental pollution, hence we support local and sustainable businesses.

We go with the environmentally friendly products when needed, and we know that buying locally helps the environment and benefit the community. We recommend other environmentally friendly businesses to our guests as well as the third parties we cooperate with, such as local restaurants that buy from local markets or hotels that make use of the solar energy.

We use e-tickets and vouchers sent by email rather than print-outs. Fez Travel has always kept an eye on natural disasters and has taken on the responsibility of assisting locals. We were on the ground in Golcuk, Turkey, with our staff when the earthquake struck in 1997. We run charities in our community and provide assistance to local residents when they are in need. We care about where we live, where we work and where we take our guests to.

We were also involved in similar efforts during the recent fires along Turkey's Mediterranean coast. We have begun to make seedling donations to the Tema Foundation for each of our travellers.


According to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council “Responsible Travel refers to the behaviour of individual travellers aspiring to make choices according to sustainable tourism practices. The behaviours usually align with minimizing the negative impacts and maximizing positive ones when one visits a tourism destination.” However most travellers, although interested in making the right choices, don’t know where to start from.

Fez Travel, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a 100 percent Turkish-owned tour operator. We run our tours. We hire local guides and drivers, book accommodation, and buy and lease vehicles through local companies as needed. With a few exceptions, the vast majority of our employees are native-born.

We encourage our guests to choose from our carbon-free travel packages such as hiking, sailing or walking tours. By adding less visited but worth seeing new destinations we try and support the local businesses and people living in different parts of Turkey. We support local artisans by including visits to local handicraft shops on our tours on occasion. Among other places, we visit carpet shops in Turkey, vineyards in Greece, and papyrus shops in Egypt.

Too many handicrafts have perished or will perish in the near future due to a lack of interest in learning and creating traditional crafts. We believe in and support the locals by making brief stops at their places of business during our tours. All our local guides are well-educated not only in history but also the culture of the cities and countries we visit.

All our guides are aware of responsible travel and the sustainability which helps us inform our guests who are all willing to play a positive role on preserving the local culture and nature but don’t know how to do it.

Why Choose Fez ?

Quality and Value for Money

Fez Travel tours offer great value for money – we've worked hard to get all of the ingredients that make up a great tour just right, and we have honed all of the activities on tour to get the perfect mix of sightseeing and free time. All year round we check the quality of our suppliers, and we know every town we stop in like the back of our hand. This means we know the best places to stay, the best places to eat, and the best places to go in your free time.

Established local operator

When you book with Fez Travel, you have the peace of mind of knowing that we operate our own group tours. We speak the language, we know the local customs, we hire our own guides and operate using our own vehicles and so we control the quality of our tours. We’ve been for over 20 years and so we know the ropes and all of those small things that help to make a tour great.

No local payments, no surprises

At Fez Travel we believe there should be no surprises for you on tour, and that holiday budgeting should be simple. When you book a Fez Travel tour you have clear information about what is included. Your only decision is which optional activities you might want to do, and we give you clear information about the cost of these in your pre-departure pack so that you can budget for these before you leave home.

No large groups

We believe that you can't really get to know a country if you are travelling in a really large group, and so our escorted group tours have a maximum size of 20 people (with the exception of ANZAC Day tours).

Environmental responsibility

Fez Travel have always monitored natural disasters and taken the responsibility to help local people. We have been on the ground with our staff when 1997 earthquake happened in Golcuk, Turkey. We run charities within our community and help the local people with equipped staff when people were in need of help.

We plant sapplings at Gallipoli which we believe is the home of our company. We have a strong relationship with Gallipoli Battlefields and are known as Gallipoli experts. We ran a charity drive during and after the forest fires at the Gallipoli National Park.

We have also were involved with similar efforts during the recent fires along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. We have started to making seedling donations for each of our travellers to the Tema Foundation (Turkish Foundation for Reforestation, Combating Soil Erosion, and the Protection of Natural Habitats).

Social responsibility

We support local artisans by including visits to local Handicraft shops occasionally during our tours. We visit carpet shops in Turkey, Vineyards in Greece and Papyrus shops in Egypt amongst others.
Too many handicrafts have been lost over time or they will be lost in the near future, through a lack of interest in learning and creating traditional crafts. We believe in and support the local people by making short visits to their businesses during our tours.