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ANZAC Day Gallipoli Tours

ANZAC Day at Gallipoli

As international travel becomes possible again we have slightly modified of some tour departures to include ANZAC Day at Gallipoli.

At this stage it is not clear if formal ceremonies will be resumed. They haven't taken place for the last few years due to covid restrictions.

However at the very least we will ensure these tours will be at ANZAC Cove at dawn. Our guide will hold a brief informal service, including the 2 minutes silence. Guests will be welcome to make a speech, lay wreaths etc.

The latest information regarding ANZAC Day at Gallipoli may be found here ... Department of Veteran Affairs - ANZAC Day page

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Fez Travel's ANZAC Day tours will let you experience the amazing anniversary of the original landing in 1915 at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service held in ANZAC Cove, Gallipoli, as well as the Australian service at Lone Pine Memorial or the New Zealand service at Chunuk Bair Memorial.

Our experience
We operate tours to the Gallipoli battlefields every day of the year. Since 1997, we have been one of the biggest tour operators for ANZAC Day tours. Our Head Tour Guides for Gallipoli are the best in Turkey. They brief and train the many licensed guides that we need to employ for our ANZAC Day tours so you can be sure of a brilliant ANZAC Day experience.

As soon as we are able to we will cross the Dardanelles to the Gallipoli Peninsula, and head straight to the Anzac area to secure the best spot possible.

Your price guarantee
If you want the cheapest ANZAC Day tour then you've picked the wrong place but just consider one thing - are you really going to risk your once in a lifetime ANZAC Day experience for less than the cost of a good night out? We wont give you something for nothing, but we guarantee to deliver what you've paid for.

Responsible travel
Turkey does a fantastic job every day of the year in accommodating Australian's and New Zealander's who want to visit Gallipoli, ANZAC Cove, Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair etc., especially on ANZAC Day. When you travel with Fez you can be sure you are putting something back into the local Turkish economy as Fez are 100% Turkish owned - our head office is in Istanbul.

Want to enhance your ANZAC Day experience?
There is only a handful of "expert" Gallipoli tour guides in Turkey. A guide in Turkey must be proficient in thousands of years of history, covering several civilisations and empires. Gallipoli is not a popular destination overall and is only included in tours run by travel companies that cater mainly to Australians and New Zealanders that want to to go there, like Fez Travel. So our guides fo there regularly. However we suggest, in order to get the most of yoru ANZAC Day expereince, you read a little about Gallipoli before your trip, this will ensure you'll have a far greater appreciation of the commemorations. Please also remember that ANZAC Day is a huge event so be prepared that things may not go according to schedule.

ANZAC Day snapshot, what's it like at Gallipoli on ANZAC Day?

As soon as we are able to, you are taken to the site of the dawn service to get a good spot. There are food stalls selling a variety of Turkish Kebabs, pancakes and fast hot foods close-by so you won't go hungry.

Within a few hours, the site will appear like a sea of colour with Aussies and Kiwis sprawling out on the grass, warmly wrapped up in sleeping bags, National flags flying high and rugby tops on their backs. Get a few hours of rest/sleep on the grass because soon the MC will be asking you to squash forward to try and make space for the thousands more people still to come.

The buzzing atmosphere will permeate the whole night. Well before the grey light of dawn signals the start of the dawn service, speakers and entertainers begin their addresses, folk songs and stories.

For information on ANZAC day is run visit our ANZAC Day Information page.