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Pamukkale - Hierapolis Amphitheatre
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Customer Information

Corona virus, Fez Travel and you

Updated : 12 June 2020

Borders reopened to international travelers from 12 June. Anyone entering Turkey is subject to health checks, and if you show symptoms of COVID-19 you will be tested. People must wear protective face masks on airlines, in airports, and in crowded public places.

Updated : 19 May 2020

As the COVID-19 spreads globally its effect on travellers plans and tourism in general is devastating.

Whilst we certainly appreciate our customers concerns, we are optimistic that the danger will pass in the not too distant future as it has in the past with SARS, H1N1, Bird Flu, MERS, Ebola etc. There are encouraging signs of it becoming under control in several European countries including Italy and Spain, and Australia where number of active cases falls each day, as recoveries are greater than new infections.

The world is in unchartered waters and we are following the situation very closely, as you can imagine, and are reviewing and reacting as the situation evolves.

With the above in mind, we at Fez Travel are relaxing our usual terms and conditions for customers that, understandably, would rather not travel at this time.

Customers that do not wish to travel at this time will have the following options available to them.

  1. Any payments that have been made, may be used as a "credit" towards any future tour, of similar duration, departing through to 31 December 2021.
  2. The future tour may be the same tour as currently booked or any other currently published tour.
  3. The "credits" may be transferred to a friend or family member upon receipt of an authorisation from the lead passenger from the current booking.
  4. Where customers choose to defer. Any difference in cost will need to be paid by:-
       a. the customer where it is more than what has already been paid.
       b. Fez Travel will refund the difference where the customer has paid more than newly selected tour or the remaining credit can be used for additional services.
  5. It is not necessary to advise the future tour or date at this stage. The "credits" will be held on file until 31 December 2021.
  6. The option to defer needs to be advised to Fez Travel anytime up until 2 weeks before their currently booked departure date.
  7. The future travel date may be changed twice, free of charge, and must be advised to Fez Travel 2 weeks prior to the currently booked departure date and at least 2 weeks prior to the newly proposed date. The new date will be confirm after availability is confirmed.
  8. No further fees will be applied to these bookings that have been deferred.
  9. Customers may cancel the booking completely and our usual cancellations fees will apply.
    Cancellation fees may be found within our Terms and Conditions, section 3.

Helpful Links

We also recommend you visit the World Health Organizations' website where you will find all the latest information on corona virus, travel, protection etc.

Travel Advisories

We also recommend you consult your governments' travel advisory as close to your departure date as possible, as information is changing regularly.
These are some of the more common ones.