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Turkey and Greece
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  • Turkey has 3,500 periodical publications, 1,056 radio stations, and 280 TV channels.

Fez Travel - Turkey & Greek Islands

Whether you're a philosopher, an artist or a dreamer, Greece will inspire even the uninspired. Greece boasts a wealth of history, culture and an unrivalled legacy. Its history can be traced back to the Stone Age hunters, right through to modern day Greece, who achieved its independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1829.

From the Acropolis of Athens and it's Parthenon to the glorious surrounding Greek Islands, Greece provides an eclectic mix of fun, culture and historical significance. Indulge in its glorious food from souvlaki to plateia, and dance the night away at the numerous bars and clubs in Ios, Mykonos or Santorini. Its endless lacework of beaches make it the perfect getaway for anyone.

Fez Travel's Turkey and the Greek Island tours cover many highlights. We offer a great mix of history, culture and lazy island life.

Constantinople to Hellas begins in Istanbul and makes it way down the Aegean coast and through the Cyclades before finishing in Athens.

Diamonds of Mediterranean begins in Athens and passes through the Greek islands before visiting central Turkey and finishing in Istanbul.

Turkey & Greek Islands - Summary